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Operation Blue Skies

Transporting displaced Ukrainians to Manitoba


Manitoba stands with Ukraine, and Manitobans are ready to welcome displaced Ukrainians with open arms. Manitoba has a strong and vibrant Ukrainian community, with abundant opportunities for Ukrainians coming to Canada in the areas of employment, education, and culture.

If you are a Ukrainian and you are considering coming to Canada, please explore our website to learn what Manitoba has to offer, and how Manitoba Operation Blue Skies can support you in coming to Manitoba.

If you are looking for ways to support displaced Ukrainians, we want you on our team!

Manitoba Operation Blue Skies is a project of the Canadian Ukrainian Institute Prosvita, and is supported by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Manitoba Provincial Council.

Reasons to come to Manitoba
1. Eleven Ukrainian- English bilingual schools
2. Affordable cost of living (much lower than Toronto or Vancouver)
3. Large, vibrant Ukrainian community (over 180,000)
4. Path to Canadian citizenship through the Provincial Nominee Program
5. Strong economy with jobs
6. Free welcoming home stays (hundreds)


Downtown Winnipeg - the Forks and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

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