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Operation Blue Skies

Helping Bring Ukrainian Refugees 

 to Manitoba


New to Canada?

If you’re new to Canada, coming from Ukraine and need help settling in Manitoba, there are resources and supports available to help you along the way. Centralized services ensure you get service in your first language, eliminate the need to travel to receive services, and avoid line-ups. Attend centralized reception and settlement services to help you get settled in Manitoba: 

  • Register for a Manitoba Health card to cover the cost of physician visits and tests

  • Register for a Social Insurance Number to enable you to work faster

  • Visit a nurse and book an appointment for the immigration medical exam

  • Visit the Ukrainian Canadian Congress for community information and support

  • Receive a needs assessment and referral to onward support services

  • Learn how to find a place to live

  • Learn about opportunities to live outside of Winnipeg

  • Get one-on-one help from professionals who understand your settlement journey and how to help you go through the process. 

Manitoba stands with Ukraine, and Manitobans are ready to welcome Ukrainian refugees  with open arms. 

All Ukrainian refugees will receive free hotel and food for two weeks or more in Winnipeg to help get settled.


When you arrive at the airport in Winnipeg Manitoba you will, go to the Ukrainian welcome desk host by UCC. From there you will take a free bus to the Best Western Airport hotel. The food and rooms are free and you will find government representatives there that will help with a home, jobs, papers, and school. You can stay as long as needed. Don't worry. 


The address for the hotel is 1715 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0G1 this is what you will list as your destination address for AriveCan and customs. 

Manitoba has a strong and vibrant Ukrainian community, with abundant opportunities for Ukrainians coming to Canada in the areas of employment, education, and culture.

Can you help support Ukrainian war refugees, we want you on our team!

Manitoba Operation Blue Skies is a project of the Canadian Ukrainian Institute Prosvita, and is supported by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Manitoba Provincial Council.

Reasons to come to Manitoba
1. Affordable cost of living (much lower than Toronto or Vancouver)

2. Strong economy with jobs
3. Large, vibrant Ukrainian community (over 180,000)
4. Path to Canadian citizenship through the Provincial Nominee Program

5. Eleven Ukrainian- English bilingual schools


Downtown Winnipeg - the Forks and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

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