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Apprenticeship Manitoba - Working in the Trades

Do you have experience working in the trades? Are you a plumber, electrician, steamfitter/ pipe fitter, carpenter? Apprenticeship Manitoba will assess applications of trades persons looking to challenge certification exams. These assessments are very specific as trade experience and training varies from country to country.

The assessment is based on verification of actual work performed. Typically, an application takes 6-8 weeks to process. And, some trades are different. A voluntary trade, such as a plumber, does not require certification but a steamfitter/ pipe fitter does require certification - or for the person to be registered as an apprentice.

Is the English language a barrier? There are special accommodations available for certification exams: the use of an interpreter or a language dictionary. The applicant is responsible for arranging an interpreter. Some use family members or friends. Others hire professional interpreters.

You can find more information and the requirements for specific trades here:

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