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Catching a Plane to Canada

The story of war brings sadness and sorrow. In the streets and on the steppes of Ukraine… the fight for freedom goes on. Cities, oblasts and communities are under fire. While bombs fall and bullets fly, people are on the move. Ukrainians are making their way to a safe harbour, to settle and to start a new life, for a few years or forever. And, Canadians are here opening their hearts and their homes to Ukrainians.

Ukrainians are arriving in airports, across the country – from Winnipeg, to Edmonton, to Toronto. They are coming under their own steam, with little more than the shirts on their backs and rolling suitcases in their hands.

In the coming weeks, even more Ukrainians will be landing in Canada. Flights from Europe to Canada are not cheap. The federal government is working with others – to be creative, to think outside the box, and to get things done. Miles4Migrants is a way for people, from all walks of life, to help more Ukrainians get to Canada. Will you lend a helping hand? As the crisis worsens in Ukraine the world is watching and together, we can make a difference.

Manitoba is a caring province. Manitoba has the largest Ukrainian diaspora, per capita in Canada. Manitoba Operation Blue Skies, is here to help: to bring two worlds together. To make connections to supports and services for settlement. To find volunteers who can ‘meet and greet’ Ukrainians after the plane touches down on the tarmac at James Richardson International Airport. To collect donations, of goods, services and cash – so that we can provide the assistance that is needed the most.

Ukrainians have fled a country torn apart by war. Hiding in forests, finding safe houses, and leaving loved ones behind. This is their story. If you can help, please make a contribution today to the “Miles4Migrants” program. It will help fill planes with people in need. It will help people come to a safe and peaceful country, for a few short years or perhaps, forever.

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