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Home Stays

Home stays are a powerful and direct way to welcome Ukrainian newcomers. By doing airport pick-up, making grocery runs, sharing a meal, giving advice on day-to-day decisions like schools, sports, and more – you can help a new neighbour build a new life in your community.

Manitoba has long been a beacon of hope and place of refuge. Over 140,000 Ukrainians, displaced by war, have applied under the Canadian Ukrainian Authorization Emergency Travel (CUAET) visa since the announcement was made by the Government of Canada on March 17, 2022. Now, Manitobans are taking on a historic task offering thousands of Ukrainians a new chance to rebuild their lives here.

The planes are starting to land. Ukrainians need our help. We are asking Manitobans to rise to the movement and mobilize to resettle Ukrainians. We invite you to join a national effort and become a host, today!

If you are interested, please send an email to:

In the subject line, please write: Interested in Home Stays. Please include some general information in your email, so that at the very beginning we can try to make a match with a Ukrainian refugee or Ukrainian family that is good for you and good for them too…

√ Where do you live?

√ How many people can you easily accommodate?

√ Can you make a commitment for a home stay for at least three months?

√ Will you do a criminal record check and a child abuse registry check?

√ Will you allow Ukrainians who have a pet or pets to stay with you?

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