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War creates chaos, for everything and everyone in its path. As the war in Ukraine rages on, Manitoba has answered the call. Manitoba is a caring province. Did you know that the distance between: a) Lviv and Winnipeg is 7,597km, b) Odessa and Steinbach is 8,194, and c), Kramatorsk and Killarney is 8,377? As Ukrainians flee besieged cities and villages, they make their way to safety in Poland and neighbouring countries like Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia with little more than the shirts on their backs.

This is the largest humanitarian crisis on the European continent since World War II. And, Manitoba Operation Blue Skies is here to help. This is a grassroots organization, run entirely by volunteers. There is no overhead. There are no wages. There are no offices and no bricks n mortar. Every dollar raised will support Ukrainian refugees. Every dollar matters. By pooling donations of $10, $20 and more – we can do many good things.

Will you make a donation today? The distance between Ukraine and Manitoba is measured in more than just kilometres. It is measured in lives lost, homes destroyed, businesses closed, and lives changed - forever. All donations made to CanadaHelps will support Ukrainians in need. This is a special project in partnership between Canadian Ukrainian Institute Prosvita and Manitoba Operation Blue Skies.

To make your donation, please go to: Canadian Ukrainian Institute Prosvita

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